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  1. “On the way back into the clubhouse I met Bill. He was pissing on one of the gardenia bushes. I snuck up and said, ‘Hey sailor, want a good time?’ I thought he was going to shit himself. But his cock stood back up as soon as I started stroking him.

    “Before he could come, I wanted some action because even though the kid was a dick wad, it gave me the taste for some dick. So Bill and I went away from the clubhouse a little ways and stopped behind some bushes and I bent down and grabbed my ankles, he flipped up my dress and then asked how I would like it. I told him his choice. So he spit on his hand and started to lube my ass up. He kept spitting and pretty soon he had two fingers working in and out stretching my sphincter. I was a moaning mess when he finally slid his cock into me.”

    Just then a head bent down into frame and kissed Cindy on the top of her head. Fucking sonnofabitch!!! It was Bill. Yeah, sure, he was golfing. I looked at Candy she just sat with her mouth open as Bill lifted my wife up and sat her on the edge of the bed. She was as naked as he was. She reached for his cock, but he shook his head. I could see his lips move but no sound came out, so they must be on mute. At that point, I realized that they had been watching on mute for a while and with their video off. One of them must have accidently turned their camera on without realizing it so we could watch. I held up the “Keep Talking” sign and Candy nodded.

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